What is Mizio ?
Mizio is a proxy hunter tool with a Graphic User Interface (GUI). Mizio helps you to surf the Internet anonimously by means of a proxy. A proxy is a software installed on a computer who, caching the most visited web pages, speeds up the Internet surfing. If a proxy is configured not to send the IP address of the computer who uses it, the proxy can also be used to surf the Internet anonimously. Mizio looks for such proxies by querying Google and then opening a local port to allow receiving proxy HTTP headers to test anonymity. Once Mizio ends its job you set your browser ( Konqueror, Opera or Mozilla) to navigate through that proxy et voilą ! You are surfing the Internet quite anonimously. I say 'quite' because your IP address is still logged by the proxy itself.
How Mizio was born:
One day of the year 2003 while I was surfing the Internet I discovered Proxyrama, a proxy scanner tool for Windowz. So I immediately thought: what about Linux, is there a similar software ? I started developing a proxy scanner with GUI in the month of July because I couldn't find one for Linux. Why this name, Mizio ? Well, one day I will tell you !
The first release was released only the year after because I didn't know C or C++. So I started learning C++, socket programming, I subscribed to QT and KDE mailing lists and red many web pages ! I could have used QT sockets instead of Unix sockets but I took Mizio as an opportunity to program under Linux environment that I like so much. The QT library is only used for the GUI; the rest of the code is built with Unix functions. From the release 0.2 Mizio tests each HTTP header for your IP obtained from the Web. Safeguard your privacy over the Internet but don't abuse of this software:

Knives are useful to cut things but are not when used to kill.
Vehicles are useful to move people and goods but are not when used to kill.
Nuclear energy is useful to produce electricity but it isn't when used to kill.
Mizio is useful to surf the Internet anonimously but it isn't when used maliciously !