Adding socks and connect support, stay tuned !

Someone reported me a compilation error with gcc 3.3.3 in the proxyretriever.cpp file. It is a warning on gcc 3.2.3 the version I'm currently using but an error on more recent release such as 3.3.3. I'll fix this in the next release of Mizio.

0.3.1 Mizio now ends the checking process, closes the port used to accept connections, removes the not working proxies and displays on the status bar the number of anonimous proxies.

Mizio 0.3 released !!
Ok, ok, I know I have not added nothing special with this release, but for those like me who love GUI and not only command line this release is a must:
Code cleanup. Better error handling. Fixed crash when trying to retrieve proxies not connected to the Internet. Mizio doesn't fetch routers ip anymore. Added a small option configuration dialog to choose whether to measure proxies speed (ping), get the country they are from, the maximum time Mizio has to wait replies from proxies (timeout) and how many results are to be retrieved from Google. Option saving is not implemented because they are few; it's not worth to code this ability. 'Copy' context menu added on working proxy to give one the ability to quickly insert the proxy into a browser configuration in the form ip:port. Export function now works; only the working proxies are saved.

Mizio web site got a new look !! Ok, ok I know the layout sucks but I'm not an expert in web designing; anyone wants to give Mizio web site a cool layout can email me.

Mizio 0.2 released !! Greatly improved the anonimity test. Now Mizio looks for your IP in all the received HTTP headers apart from the 'Host:' header. Accuracy is 100% now. Mizio also tests proxies who have been retrieved by name instead of IP address. Fixed a bug in the proxy retriever code because Google changed the layout of the result page causing Mizio not to retrieve the proxy list anymore. Mizio gets your IP through the Web instead of using RPC get_myaddress library function.
Released 0.1.1 a small bug fix in the mechanism of testing anonimity.
Mizio 0.1 released !! Initial release. Mizio retrieves proxies addresses from the web and tests their anonimity.